Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been a Smoker for 28 years.

My friends know I smoked, and some even tried to intervene mildly on some occasions. But my addiction to smoking was on several levels, and all the patches, gums, drugs, accupuncture and hypnotism never cured me.

Today, I am successfully smoke-free for the first day, and very happy about it, without the desire to smoke my regular "Cowgirl Killers" whatsoever. I have received the kind of help many smokers would consider a miracle.

I have employed the help of an E-CIGARETTE. The E-CIGARETTE is a battery operated device that delivers levels of nicotine (just like the gum and patch) through a cigarette shaped object, but doesn't deliver the smoke, tar, and the other 4000+ toxins and carcinagens that regular cigarettes deposit on the lungs, skin and other organs. Instead, the E-CIGARETTE allows a future non-smoker to enjoy the inhale of vapor (which is what we really love) that is non-toxic, while delivering the nicotine that needs to be weened away from step-by step.

I have plateau'd BIG TIME in the last months in my weight-loss regime. I haven't backslid, but my decision to quit smoking has everything to do with the progression of my physical fitness.....Smoking just doesn't fit into the equation, so, here I am....A brand new non-smoker.

Feels Weird. Feels Good.

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