Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OCTOBER 28, 2009


9:00am: Sirloin, sweet potato and green beans
10:30am: Chicken breast and brown rice
12:00pm: Chicken breast and brown rice
3:00pm: 3 egg whites, oatmeal and strawberries
4:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD51

Weight Training: Back to the friggin' gym for arms and abs
Cardio: Home to the beach and back with my neighbor...nice

Tonite, I feel if I have to eat another bite of chicken breast, I will have to start blowing up possum tunnels Caddy Shack style to avenge my desire for cheezy pizza.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OCTOBER 27, 2009


9:00am: Sirloin, green beans and sweet potato
11:00am: Chicken breast and brown rice
1:00pm: Sirloin, green beans, sweet potato
2:00pm: 1 Metrx RTD 51
4:00pm: Chicken breast and brown rice (I'm getting sick of this shit)

Weight Training: Cross-train at the beach....awesome....I hope we're back to the beach for awhile!
Cardio: Brisk beach walk

9:00pm: Chicken breast

OCTOBER 26, 2009


9:00am: Chicken breast and brown rice
11:00am: Sirloin, sweet potato and green beans
2:00pm: Chicken breast and brown rice
4:00pm: 1/2 cup strawberries
6:00pm: 3 egg whites and oatmeal
9:00pm: Chicken breast and brown rice

No workout today

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OCTOBER 25, 2009

8:00am to 10:00am: Chicken breast and brown rice X 2, see previous post
11:0am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
12:30PM: Hamburger and greens salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar
1:30pm: Sirloin, sweet potato and green beans

Cardio: Early morning 3 mile walk, and later, salsa workshop
Weight training: LEGS and ABS at the gym, seemed like punishment.

6:45pm: Scarfed Chicken breast meal from above
9:00PM: Sirloin meal from above...was tasty

Saturday, October 24, 2009

OCTOBER 24, 2009

The pic above is 20 meals prepared for me by my trainer, Will Burkland. That's about 4 to 5 days of meals if I add eggs and oatmeal. Will's a pretty good chef. I get nicely seasoned sirloin with sweet potatos and stir fry green beans, and chicken breast with brown rice and beans/chickpeas. The chicken breast is cooked with a french style ragout made from fresh vegetables and seasonings.


Slept way in today

4:00pm: Chicken breast w/beans and rice

Weight Training: Shoulders and Back. Will's kicking my butt.
Cardio: Non per se, but Salsa Dancing later tonite

7:00pm: Chicken breast with rice and beans

Friday, October 23, 2009

OCTOBER 23, 2009


9:00am: Chicken breast and brown rice
11:00am: Tuna, sweet potato and green beans
2:00pm: 1 MetRX RTD 51
5:00pm: sirloin, sweet potato and green beans

Weight Training: Killer arms and abs.
Cardio: 15 minutes run/walk on treadmill, and brisk dowtown Delray walk.

9:30pm: 3 egg whites, oatmeal and rasberries

Thursday, October 22, 2009

OCTOBER 22, 2009


9:00am: Chicken Breast, and brown rice
11:30am: Chicken Breast and brown rice
2:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51
4:00pm: Sirloin, sweet potato and green beans

Weight Training: Incredible Leg workout with next level abs. Get Eckhart Tolle's "Power of Now" if you weight train. I'm finding the process indispensible for those moments of push that the mind doesn't think are possible.
Cardio: Art and Jazz on the Avenue in Delray. Pineapple Grove to the beach and back. Fun!

10:30pm: 3 egg whites, oatmeal and rasberries.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OCTOBER 21, 2009


8:00am: Chicken breast, brown rice and beans
12:00pm: Sirloin, sweet potato, green beans
2:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51
4:00pm: Chicken breast, brown rice, sweet potato

Cardio: Downtown to beach Delray Brisk walk
Weight Training: Another Cross train SHRED....I mean SHRED

8:30pm: 3 egg whites and oatmeal

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OCTOBER 20, 2009


8:30am: sirloin, sweet potatos and green beans
11:00am: Chicken breast, brown rice and beans
3:00pm: 3 egg whites / oatmeal
4:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

Cardio: Downtown Delray to beach brisk walk
Weight Training: Cross-train SHRED

7:30pm: Chicken Breast, brown rice and beans
9:00pm: CHicken breast, brown rice and beans

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"BEAUTY HURTS", as quoted by my friend, Amador. So true.

Another 3 lbs. down, making a total 22 lost altogether.
Arms: lost 1/2 inch for a total of 4 inches
Chest: lost 1 inch for a total of 8 inches
waist: lost 1/2 inch for a total of 10 inches
Hip, thigh and calf: Stayed the same

Not the best results this week, which indicates it's time to change something, like EAT MORE FOOD----I've failed terribly at eating enough this week. However, the numbers don't illustrate the dramatic body changes made this week.

For the first time in years, my arms and shoulders are ready to bare, and the shape of my torso and hips seem to be changing completely. The hourglass is back.

OCTOBER 17, 2009


12:00pm: Chicken and brown rice
2:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51
5:00pm: Tuna, green beans & sweet potato

Weight Training: Brutal upper body workout and abs. Always abs.
NO Cardio

7:30pm: varied raw veges and fruit, and a crab puff (Gallery event)

OCTOBER 16, 2009


9:00am: 3 eggs 1 yolk and oatmeal
10:00am: 1 cup cantaloupe
11:30am: 2 turkey dogs and green beans
2:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

Training: Legs at the beach
Cardio: 5K run-walk-run-walk-run, etc.

9:30pm: Fruits and veges (I attended a party), and a columbian empanada

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OCTOBER 15, 2009


9:00am: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal
10:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
12:00pm Chicken breast, brown rice and rotel
4:00pm: Sirloin and green beans

Weight Training: Awesome shoulders and back workout, with all the stops pulled. Abs to the next level......Will has been really pushing hard all this week. I'm starting to understand what "full service" training means.

When Will Burkland originally promised me the full service treatment, my bull$h!t-o-meter naturally alarmed, thinking the "full-service" buzz phrase was over-used. My bull$h!t-o-meter alarmed again when the training turned to the beach. And then again when we started meditation.

But Will's been right all along. I'm so glad I've found the humility to trust him.

Honestly, I don't know how I would've gotten through this week's reps without the meditation practice a la Eckhart Tolle. Mostly, Uncle Eckhart discusses meditation as a means to quell emotional pain. I wonder if he knows how well his method works for physical pain, ie; the last 6+ reps in burn mode!.....Weird and amazing how being able to "just be in nothingness" can get one through an impossible rep cycle....I'll bet the great body-builders of the world have mastered getting to a zone like this.

Cardio: 5K piece of cake. Crap. Gonna have to up the ante.

8:30pm: Broiled Flounder, brown rice and mixed greens.

OCTOBER 14, 2009

8:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
10:00am: Chicken breast and brown rice
12:00pm: Tuna and green beans

No workout today

Not feeling very well this evening. DEFINATELY do not want to eat.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OCTOBER 13, 2009


8:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
9:00am: 3 eggs / 1 yolk, oatmeal
11:00am: 1 cup rasberries
1:00pm: Chicken breast and sweet potato
4:00pm: Publix Spicy Sushi roll with brown rice and cucumber and seaweed salad.

Weight Training: LEGS and Abs.
Cardio: 5K Downtown Delray to beach and back.

9:00pm: 1 link Publix Greenwise Garlic Herb Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage...I recommend trying this. It's low in fat (about 3.5 gms fat per mega-sized link), and packs 21 grams of protein. And it tastes awesome. Just like an Italian Sausage, only no grease.

Monday, October 12, 2009

OCTOBER 12, 2009


8:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
10:00am: Chicken Breast / brown rice and rotel
10:15am: 1 cup green beans
12:00pm: 1 cup cantaloupe/rasberry/blackberry mix
3:00pm: small portion Chicken Breast / brown rice and rotel

No Cardio today.
Weight Training: I was almost pissed off at Will! This arms, shoulders and Abs training was so far above the barre, I kept thinking, "Are you kidding me?". But I made it. Will has been pushing! And so am I because I want to attend an art event this weekend in a special dress where beautiful arms will be key!

8:00pm: Tuna! (Opera voice)...I LOVE tuna. Cucumbers and leftover sweet potato.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

OCTOBER 11, 2009


Slept way in again today.

12:00pm: 3 eggs / 1 yolk, oatmeal and fruit

Fitness Fun: Ocean swimming and several attempts at learning Board Paddling. Board Paddling is when you stand up on a surf-board thingy, then use a paddle to navigate over the waves. It's alot harder than it looks.

5:00pm: Leftover sirloin, mixed fruit and leftover sweet potato

No Weight Training today.
Cardio: 10K beach walk Delray to Highland Beach and back. Grueling. The next time it will be easier.

OCTOBER 10, 2009


Slept WAY in today.

12:00pm: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal

Weight Training: In the gym again today for muscle confusion. Kah-Razy arms and shoulders today, along with Abs. Everyday Abs. That's why my waist size has dropped 10 inches so quickly. Also, the normal massage-like body re-distribution with a bonus. I got that heavenly back crack release that's done with arms crossed with hands on shoulders, then from behind, the saintly liberator wraps his arms around you and does a quick lift, causing a cascading disengagement of locked-up stuff. Will Burkland ROCKS!
Cardio: 2 mile beach walk in high sun. Sweat-O-Rama.

6:00pm: 4 oz. broiled petit sirloin, 1 cup fresh green beans, 1/2 large sweet potato broiled crispy, and 1/2 cup cantaloupe/rasberry/blackberry mix. YUMMY.

10:30pm: 2 oz. leftover sirloin. Awesome.

Friday, October 9, 2009

OCTOBER 9, 2009


9:00am: Chicken breast & Sweet potato
10:00am: Turkey Dog
12:00pm: 3 eggs/ 1 yolk and oatmeal
3:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

No Cardio
Weight Training: Back to the gym for some muscle confusion. LEGS-LEGS-LEGS. And an incredible Ab workout like none other. Go Obliques!

6:00pm: Chicken Breast/brown rice/green beans.

Went to see Julie...Julia tonite. It has absolutely nothing to do with weight training or diet, but it was hilarious! Meryl Streep's portrayal of Julia Child was absolutely charming. I had a smile plastered to my face the whole movie!

10:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

OCTOBER 8, 2009


9:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
10:00am: Chicken Breast and brown rice
11:00am: tuna and green beans

NO Workout today.

3:30pm: Publix Spicy Tuna sushi roll made with brown rice & cucumber. Seaweed Salad.
5:30pm: 1 cup red rasberries

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



9:30am: Chicken breast, brown rice and Rotel
1:00pm: ELLIE'S '50's Restaurant Delray! Grilled Sirloin Burger, coleslaw and melon
3:30pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

Cardio: Brisk 2 mile walk from Sailboats to Casuarina
Weight Training: Another catapult to the next level, only with arms and shoulders this time. Anyone reading know what "dolphins" are? ...Also, an outrageous AB's workout with special attention to the obliques, which drew a bit of attention from passers-by.

LOL! The show starts between 6 and 7 almost every nite about 1 mile north of Atlantic Ave. on A1A at the shelter overlooking the ocean.....It's starting to seem like a show lately, as the regular beach walkers are becoming quite friendly, encouraging and interested.

The 70-ish Lady who has a 30-ish physique who walks a Black Chow is always so nice. And the 2 guys that are addicted to fishing caught something so ugly tonite that it scared them...they had to throw it back. Maybe it was a muck-monster baby. There's a super friendly lady that always wears Hawaiian print outfits that walks a GORGEOUS Alaskan Husky, and a guy that often watches us while he relaxes on a bench nearby.

Tonite's show must have been quite a scene. (SEE the "HUMILITY" post in early September. This is so much worse). First off, I did a rep called "Dolphins". This exercise is performed almost like military push-ups, only it's the shoulders that are worked. It's total BUTT UP in the air, on tippy-toes, front body facing the ground, doing push-ups using the shoulders. Then there was the AB rep that Will and I like to call "Ancient Phallus Machinae", which involves using one of those styrofoam tubey things between the knees to isolate ab muscles while doing crunches. Hilarious! I got double burn from LMAO during the whole rep. Then the oblique exercise that captured so much attention was a full-range motion action using a weighted bar swung hard to one side, then stopped dead at face forward. Talk about giggle-burn!

I think it was Douglas that told me that when the burn started I should laugh instead of whine. It would make it better. He was right. That's what I mean when I say "giggle-burn".

Anyway, it's so cool when the passers-by comment on how they've seen progress. A real reward.

8:30pm: Chicken breast and cucumber

Photo Above: Compliments of

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OCTOBER 6, 2009


9:00pm: chicken breast / brown rice w/rotel
11:00am: 1 cup green beans
1:00pm 1 MetRx RTD 51
2:00pm: tuna

Cardio: Brisk 2 mile beach walk
Weight Training: The hardest leg workout ever, along side the hardest AB workout to date. Boss Will is crankin' up the dial, but I was strong today and giggled through the burn.

8:30pm: 2 cups field greens w/cucumber, red onion, red pepper, baked-spiced-then broiled-crisp sweet potato cubes, 1 oz thin-sliced sirloin and pine nuts. Drizzled with homemade vinaigrette....I really enjoyed this unexpected kitchen-sink style meal.

Oink, I'm full.

OCTOBER 5, 2009


9:00am: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal
12:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51
2:00pm: tuna and brown rice
3:30pm : 1 cup green beans

No Cardio today
Weight Training: Arms and Abs at the beach.

8:00pm: chicken breast & sweet potato

Sunday, October 4, 2009


OK. Not my most attractive picture....I wanted a full body shot for this weeks' results, but my trainer is a total novice with the DSLR. But he managed to nail this one! He's getting better, and a full body shot shall be forthcoming....Ya know...the other one's are kinda blurry.

This photo was taken today during training at the gym. The arms and shoulders are bulking, as well as the gluts and thighs, which is what we want initially to encourage the burn of fat. Soon, we will strip down some of the bulk......but that's in the future.


5 pounds lost this week. That's a total of 19 pounds.

ARMS stayed the same. 3.5 inches since the beginning.
CHEST lost 1 inch, 7 in total since the beginning.
WAIST: Lost 5 BIG inches in 2 weeks! 9.5 inches total since the beginning.
HIPS: Lost 1 inch, 6 inches since the beginning.
THIGH: Lost 1.5 inches this week. 7.5 inches lost since the beginning.
CALF: Lost 1 inch. 3 inches lost since the beginning.

It's odd, though. It's hard to imagine, for instance, my arms. They have changed so much, but yet I've only lost 3.5 inches in total. My waist...I definately see it. The others...yea, I'm smaller and stronger.

The interchange of weight and size cannot really be specifically measured when fat is converted to muscle....Maybe someday.

A note about BOXING: I like it. Will says I'm a natural, and thinks my salsa training has prepared me for boxing on a better than beginner level.

See the Casa Salsa link at the right. Visit the studio and see how fun and easy it is to dance Salsa. Call them up and tell them I sent you. Maybe they'll let you take your first class for free.

Thanks Again for visiting.

XXOO Caroline

OCTOBER 4, 2009


11:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
12:00-4:00pm: Chicken Breast / sweet potato x2

Cardio: 4 mile downtown walk
Workout: Abs and KILLER LEGS....hmmmm, I thought spaghetti was gone from my life.

8:00pm: Flounder and brown rice
8:30pm: 1 cup cucumber

OCTOBER 3, 2009


10:00am: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal
1:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51
4:00pm-6:00pm: 2 oz Sirloin and sweet potato wedges x2

NO workout today

8:00pm: Chicken breast / brown rice and green beans

Friday, October 2, 2009

OCTOBER 2, 2009


9:00am-11:00am: 2 oz. London Broil / sweet potato X2
12:20pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51
2:30pm: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal
4:00pm: 1 cup cucumbers
6:00pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

NO Cardio Today. I got a blister smack-dab on the ball of my foot.
Weight Training: Beachside, it was GLORIOUS. The sunset was divine, literally, then the full moon shimmered over the water like diamonds....oh yea.....worked shoulders, some arms and Abs. Always Abs.

8:00pm: Chicken Breast with black beans/brown rice and ROTELLA. mmmm......

OCTOBER 1, 2009


8:00am - 11:00am: Chicken breast and sweet potato X 2
1:00pm: 1 cup cantaloupe & Strawberry
2:00pm: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal / cucumber
4:00pn: 1 MetRx RTD 51

Cardio: Sailboats to Linton and back
Workout: Lactic acid distribution and physical corrdination

8:30pm: 4oz London Broil with brown rice and green beans