Wednesday, October 7, 2009



9:30am: Chicken breast, brown rice and Rotel
1:00pm: ELLIE'S '50's Restaurant Delray! Grilled Sirloin Burger, coleslaw and melon
3:30pm: 1 MetRx RTD 51

Cardio: Brisk 2 mile walk from Sailboats to Casuarina
Weight Training: Another catapult to the next level, only with arms and shoulders this time. Anyone reading know what "dolphins" are? ...Also, an outrageous AB's workout with special attention to the obliques, which drew a bit of attention from passers-by.

LOL! The show starts between 6 and 7 almost every nite about 1 mile north of Atlantic Ave. on A1A at the shelter overlooking the ocean.....It's starting to seem like a show lately, as the regular beach walkers are becoming quite friendly, encouraging and interested.

The 70-ish Lady who has a 30-ish physique who walks a Black Chow is always so nice. And the 2 guys that are addicted to fishing caught something so ugly tonite that it scared them...they had to throw it back. Maybe it was a muck-monster baby. There's a super friendly lady that always wears Hawaiian print outfits that walks a GORGEOUS Alaskan Husky, and a guy that often watches us while he relaxes on a bench nearby.

Tonite's show must have been quite a scene. (SEE the "HUMILITY" post in early September. This is so much worse). First off, I did a rep called "Dolphins". This exercise is performed almost like military push-ups, only it's the shoulders that are worked. It's total BUTT UP in the air, on tippy-toes, front body facing the ground, doing push-ups using the shoulders. Then there was the AB rep that Will and I like to call "Ancient Phallus Machinae", which involves using one of those styrofoam tubey things between the knees to isolate ab muscles while doing crunches. Hilarious! I got double burn from LMAO during the whole rep. Then the oblique exercise that captured so much attention was a full-range motion action using a weighted bar swung hard to one side, then stopped dead at face forward. Talk about giggle-burn!

I think it was Douglas that told me that when the burn started I should laugh instead of whine. It would make it better. He was right. That's what I mean when I say "giggle-burn".

Anyway, it's so cool when the passers-by comment on how they've seen progress. A real reward.

8:30pm: Chicken breast and cucumber

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  1. YEA Girl! I'm coming to see Ancient Phallus Machinae! That's so funny!

    You are so amazing. It is clear that you are going to rule the world some day.



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