Thursday, October 15, 2009

OCTOBER 15, 2009


9:00am: 3 eggs / 1 yolk and oatmeal
10:00am: 1 MetRx RTD 51
12:00pm Chicken breast, brown rice and rotel
4:00pm: Sirloin and green beans

Weight Training: Awesome shoulders and back workout, with all the stops pulled. Abs to the next level......Will has been really pushing hard all this week. I'm starting to understand what "full service" training means.

When Will Burkland originally promised me the full service treatment, my bull$h!t-o-meter naturally alarmed, thinking the "full-service" buzz phrase was over-used. My bull$h!t-o-meter alarmed again when the training turned to the beach. And then again when we started meditation.

But Will's been right all along. I'm so glad I've found the humility to trust him.

Honestly, I don't know how I would've gotten through this week's reps without the meditation practice a la Eckhart Tolle. Mostly, Uncle Eckhart discusses meditation as a means to quell emotional pain. I wonder if he knows how well his method works for physical pain, ie; the last 6+ reps in burn mode!.....Weird and amazing how being able to "just be in nothingness" can get one through an impossible rep cycle....I'll bet the great body-builders of the world have mastered getting to a zone like this.

Cardio: 5K piece of cake. Crap. Gonna have to up the ante.

8:30pm: Broiled Flounder, brown rice and mixed greens.

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