Saturday, October 24, 2009

OCTOBER 24, 2009

The pic above is 20 meals prepared for me by my trainer, Will Burkland. That's about 4 to 5 days of meals if I add eggs and oatmeal. Will's a pretty good chef. I get nicely seasoned sirloin with sweet potatos and stir fry green beans, and chicken breast with brown rice and beans/chickpeas. The chicken breast is cooked with a french style ragout made from fresh vegetables and seasonings.


Slept way in today

4:00pm: Chicken breast w/beans and rice

Weight Training: Shoulders and Back. Will's kicking my butt.
Cardio: Non per se, but Salsa Dancing later tonite

7:00pm: Chicken breast with rice and beans


  1. Caroline!

    AAAAHHHHH! you are amazing and awesome and unbelievable! When I saw you today, I just couldn't believe it! And your SALSA?! Forget about it! YOU ARE TIGHT

  2. Nice ass! that's all I have to say


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