Sunday, October 4, 2009


OK. Not my most attractive picture....I wanted a full body shot for this weeks' results, but my trainer is a total novice with the DSLR. But he managed to nail this one! He's getting better, and a full body shot shall be forthcoming....Ya know...the other one's are kinda blurry.

This photo was taken today during training at the gym. The arms and shoulders are bulking, as well as the gluts and thighs, which is what we want initially to encourage the burn of fat. Soon, we will strip down some of the bulk......but that's in the future.


5 pounds lost this week. That's a total of 19 pounds.

ARMS stayed the same. 3.5 inches since the beginning.
CHEST lost 1 inch, 7 in total since the beginning.
WAIST: Lost 5 BIG inches in 2 weeks! 9.5 inches total since the beginning.
HIPS: Lost 1 inch, 6 inches since the beginning.
THIGH: Lost 1.5 inches this week. 7.5 inches lost since the beginning.
CALF: Lost 1 inch. 3 inches lost since the beginning.

It's odd, though. It's hard to imagine, for instance, my arms. They have changed so much, but yet I've only lost 3.5 inches in total. My waist...I definately see it. The others...yea, I'm smaller and stronger.

The interchange of weight and size cannot really be specifically measured when fat is converted to muscle....Maybe someday.

A note about BOXING: I like it. Will says I'm a natural, and thinks my salsa training has prepared me for boxing on a better than beginner level.

See the Casa Salsa link at the right. Visit the studio and see how fun and easy it is to dance Salsa. Call them up and tell them I sent you. Maybe they'll let you take your first class for free.

Thanks Again for visiting.

XXOO Caroline


  1. Do you mean to tell me you're learning to box???? God help us all....LOL.

    Great Job, Caroline. You look good.


  2. Wow caroline your skinny since I saw you last!...when are you goin to let me plant your garden?...looks like you need the vegetables


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