Sunday, September 6, 2009


One has to be willing to do anything to reach difficult goals.

The actual pain of weight training is not so difficult in my case, as I have a trainer that keeps my mind appropriately occupied while pumping iron.

Humility may be the most difficult thing for me, however.

The other day, my trainer had me working legs, and he likes to "change things up" so the program doesn't get boring. But several of the exercises consisted of me pulling him, while leashed to a jump-rope, down the sidewalk of a busy and popular street in Pineapple Grove....He didn't make it easy.....And I'm sure it wasn't my most attractive moment.

I'm not sure how many cars drove by then. I just hope they didn't get pictures...... I KNOW the people here for Heaven's sakes.

Above: A torso shot of my trainer, Will Burkland, who I will continue to exploit and objectify as long as he tests my humility.....LOL


  1. That is sooo cute. I hope no pics were taken either. I'm trying to visualize what you're describing and it looks pretty funny, but it was all for a good cause. Did not know he was a model. Nice abs though. If you keep it up you can show yours off too :=)

  2. What a site to see, right? LMAO!


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