Thursday, September 10, 2009

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009


8:00am: 1 sweet potato
10:00am: 1 chicken breast
11:00am: 1 cup cantaloupe
1:30am: 1 sweet potato (I REALLY have to get to Publix)
4:00pm: 1 MetRX RTD 51

No weight training today.

Cardio: 25:09 min., 1.37 miles, 267 calories burned, Avg. Heart-rate 153.

A note about my cardio workouts: I always thought people had to do AT LEAST 30 minutes cardio to start burning fat. Apparently not. Depending on one's BMI (Body Mass Index), fat burning can occur as soon as 20 minutes. But that's not why I'm ending my cardio workouts at 25 minutes.

In this stage of my program, it is prudent that I build muscle, which is the most efficient way to burn fat. The concern is that if I do TOO much cardio, I'll start using that solid gold muscle I'm building, which would defeat the whole purpose.

But I'm likin' the cardio! So bring it on when the time is right!

8:15pm: 1Big Fat Chicken Breast
9:00pm: 1 cup yummy marinated chopped green cabbage

9:45pm: 12 plump fresh black cherries


  1. Keep it up Caroline. You're off to a GREAT start. I tell ya I did some push ups yesterday and I definitely felt the burn in my arms. A rocky start at 1st, but you seem to be staying in the game. When will you announce your next weight loss?

  2. I announce results, good or bad, every accountability measure.


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