Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009


8:30am: Chicken breast
10:00am: 1 cup cucumber
10:30am: 1 cup cantaloupe
11:30: 1/2 cup red rasberries
1:30pm: (sigh) Chicken breast

Cardio: Hard earned 26:15 min., 1.55 miles, 306 calories burned, Avg. heart-rate: 141

No Weight training today. But a big weekend awaits.

2:30pm: 1 MetRX RTD 51
5:00pm: Chicken breast w/habanero sauce
7:00pm: 1 cup celery hearts w/ FF sourcream (Mrs. Dash Spiced)


  1. Glad to see that diet is nice and clean, really good stuff too! xoxo

  2. Thanks Dude! I'm getting used to it in weird way. I'll probably do a post here about my changing relationship with food.


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