Wednesday, September 9, 2009



8:30am: 2 oz. Extra Lean Hamburger, plain
10:00am: 1 cup chopped green cabbage (marinated w/ FF dressing)
11:45am: 1 cup cantaloupe/strawberry mix
1:15pm: 2 oz chicken breast tenderloin
3:15pm: 2 oz chicken breast tenderloin

Legs and Abs workout.......Will is starting to turn up the heat......My legs are now spaghetti, and my obliques? You don't want to know.
Cardio: 24:13 min., 1.2 miles, 241 calories burned, Avg. Heart-rate 154

7:30pm: 1/2 sweet potato
8:30pm: chicken breast with Jenny-O turkey bacon and FF cheddar (BTW, it sucked...stick to the naturals)
9:00pm: 1/2 cup cantaloupe/strawberry mix

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