Saturday, September 19, 2009

SEPTEMBER 19, 2009


It's gonna be a BLOCKBUSTER week! I had an excellent Saturday morning drive (my weekly meditation I suppose), and was flooded with inspiration about how I'm gonna take the next evolution in my progress.

You see, this fitness and weight loss program isn't just about looking hot, it's about connecting the mind, body and spirit, and bringing all three together where serving those I love can feel the greatest impact.

Although my gains (and pound losses) have been satisfactory to me, it seems I could've done even better. I've done the diet wrong. After training with Will today, I was made to realise that I've not eaten enough carbs! Who'da thought?...Well, I'll be working those into the game.

Finally, this process has led me to where I belong. I am an artist in several disciplines, and although for the last 2 years I have served a very small portion of that community effectively, I feel compelled to serve it on a larger basis, and make it my home. God has inserted the appropriate "fire under my ass" people into my life to accelerate the process.


9:30am: Sweet Potato
10:00am: Chicken Breast

Cardio: I was on FIRE. 26:19 minutes, 1.57 miles, 319 calories, Avg. heart-rate: 140

Weight training: Shoulders and Arms. Overdrive after the burn started...Thank you God for delivering this trainer to me.

5:00pm: Chicken Breast
5:30pm: Sweet potato
1 cup cantaloupe/strawberry mix


  1. Ahh, don't ya just love the burning sensation of a good workout? lol Keep it up girl!

  2. Yes, I'm starting to....kinda sick ha? LOL


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