Friday, September 4, 2009


After 7 days of soreness, sweat, and having to gag down crappy food I don't like, I am proud to announce that I am smaller, stronger and lighter.
I lost 4 lbs. this week, which is extraordinarily good news, because the first weeks' training wasn't necessarily designed to produce weight loss. My objective was to begin to transform into a thermal fat-burning machine via the gain of muscle and metabolic re-direction through that crappy diet I hate.
The objective was met anyhow, because my pants are falling off my behind, and I'm starting to see the immergence of those lovely, long-lost shoulders I proudly displayed when I was in my 20's.
Monday night, I get to eat REAL FOOD again. It's not that the "Crappy First Week Diet Plan" is not real is. It's just food I hate. And it's ALOT of food I hate. Actually, most folks wouldn't mind it so much. But I'm not elaborating here because I think, in combination with Will Burkland's training, it's kinda a trade secret of sort of thing that I intend to respect.
So Monday night, I get real food. But what I mean by that is in the DOUGLAS MASSI model, which is fresh, clean and lean food that supports the building of muscle. So behind me (pun intended) are Hooter's chicken wings, french fries, or anything else that equals the fat-count of a bucket-o-lard. After the "Crappy First Week Diet Plan", I think I will welcome straight spinach, Pop-Eye style.
Thanks Friends for your initial support of my effort. You guys are AWESOME!
XXOO Caroline


  1. I'm excited for you!!! Keep it up!! You'll love the difference it makes :) I'll be reading....


  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I am so proud of you! Ahhh Caroline, I know what you mean about the food. I think it is all a mind thing paired with habits. Most people are resistant to change, especially in their diets; I know I am. But your taste buds will soon adjust and with you expressing your feelings about the changes you are making will keep you in the game.

  3. Yeh. I'm gonna have to figure out how to program my brain about the food.


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