Thursday, September 3, 2009


Pictured here with me, Will Burkland, my trainer.

I met him last Friday. I was finished with work fairly early for a Friday afternoon, and felt restless. On the list for the weekend was to join a gym, or at least check several out, and uh, make a decision later. Procastination, my favorite vice.

But let's back up a second.

Amador, my dear friend, suggested that I join a 24-hour gym. He and I had previously discussed my purchase of a bike, with which he and I would ride together at times, and the workout would kick my butt......But I have to say, Amador has tried to train me before. Long story short, life changes, schedules, and distance made real training impossible, so I decided to take his advice about a 24-hour gym.

So on Friday, I arrived at the UNITED STATE of FITNESS gym in Delray Beach, expecting some hot, buff chick to meet me at the door, promising to make me look like her. Yea right. Instead, I found Will Burkland, who was far more interested in me and my goals. It turns out, he and I are from the same home town, and share some crazy cool ideas about how our successes will materialize.
Will has been working with me since then, and because of his generosity of spirit and total dedication to MY personal goals, I look forward to every weight training session.

Can't wait to feel the burn.


  1. You've been bitten by the procrastination bug too huh? I suppose it helps that he's also cute. Glad you 2 clicked.

  2. If I were to give advice to anyone about hiring a trainer, it would be that you'd better like him alot.


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