Friday, September 11, 2009

SEPTEMBER 11, 2009


8:ooam: 1 MetRX RTD 51
10:00am: 1 apple
11:15am: 2 strips Jenny-O Turkey bacon (a great replacement for potato chips - .5 gms fat per slice, 3 gms protein per slice, and they crunch like chips and taste good)
11:30am: 1 chicken breast w/ habanero sauce

Cardio: 26:17 minutes, 1.51 miles, 301 calories burned, Avg. Heart-rate 141. (heart-rate an improvement).

Weight Training: Will is REALLY turning up the heat. I guess it never gets easy if progress is to be made. Anyway, we worked shoulders and arms like crazy. I love it.

5:30pm: 1 chicken breast w/habanero sauce (cause it was so good the first time)
7:30pm: 14 fresh black cherries

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