Thursday, September 24, 2009

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009


7:00am-11:00pm: (UGH) Chicken Breast & sweet potato X2
1:30pm: SHOOTERS, Ft.Lauderdale with the girls, YEAH! Seared Tuna w/ spinach salad with roasted red pepper, tomato, and cucumber. Soy sauce, but no salad dressing. Ginger & Wasabi. And sesame seeds.

Cardio: This was one ROCKIN' powerful cardio workout! 25:13 minutes, 1.78 miles, 340 calories burned, Avg, heart-rate: 149. ....Why is it that some days are better than others for cardio? Does it have to with attitude? I think so....

Weight Training: On the "training wheels" today. The Boss couldn't be there. Shoulders and Back. Had to fight for position at the bench/dumb-bell area with the heavy hitters, but had free clearance for the row and pull downs. Leg lifts and a machine I can't remember the name of for AB's.....It's so much better when the Boss is there. :(----

4:00pm: MetRx RTD 51
8:00pm-9:00pm:: Chicken Breast and friggin' Sweet Potato X2

I'm sick of food.

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