Friday, September 11, 2009


The bad news on RESULTS day is that my weight has not changed at all since last Friday.....Really, I'm OK with that because I've been told that muscle weighs more than fat.

But more importantly, my measurements have changed drastically. Here are the results:

CHEST: Lost 4 inches. I can tell, because I've started to have to wear a smaller size brazierre.
WAIST: Lost 4.5 inches. No doubt. I can tell by the way my pants fit.
HIPS: Lost 3 inches. Yep--pants are too loose.
ARMS: Lost 3 inches. I find this unbelievable. But I saw the measurements myself. It's true.
THIGHS: Lost 1 inch. Yea---I think that's about right.
CALF: Lost 3 inches......I don't think so.......I didn't actually view the measurement originally, so I can't verify the inch loss. Actually, I think they're bigger......We'll see in 2 weeks.

Weight results will appear here every Friday. Every 2 weeks, weight and measurements.

Thanks to all of you who are supporting me in this project.

I am trying to get a sponsor to pay my next round of training. Please comment frequently on posts here to help that effort.

XXOO Caroline


  1. Wow, awesome! You better be careful darlin, you are shriveling

  2. Yea right! I could starve for a month and still survive!

    Seriously, I'm changing shape. That;s the bottom line.

    Dancing tonite!


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